Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kendall's fieldtrip to the Butterfly Botanical in Bloomingburg

Kendall's preschool took a trip to the Butterfly Botanical's in Bloomingburg. Its on Petticoate Lane. It really is lovely and quaint there. They sell all kinds plants and their prices are comparable to the bigger stores. I had already purchased our plants plus we tried doing the seed thing this year, I guess it was okay but we really should have started much much sooner. Each year we learn something new and become just a little more sustainable. We are now SELLING our eggs, so the chickens kinda pay for themselves. The past few years we just gave them away, and Dan suggested thinning the flock to keep feed prices down. I told him to go ahead, do what you have to do, well...he couldn't do it except for the aggressive roosters whiched once they attacked the girls he had no problem shipping them off to Uncle Russell's.

This year we are doing a pretty big pumpkin patch. The plants are coming up like crazy. I planted the seeds from my 3 little friends I kept in the basement. It really was time for them to leave the nest and make babies of their own. (start the "Circle of Life", from the Lion King)I will always remember you Larry, Moe and Curly, watching you grow big and round and beautiful, your color changing slowly from that striped green into the most perfect shades of peach and browns and rusty orange. I would spend hours polishing and buffing you until you were luminous, the most perfect field specimans ever, My only regret, not showing you off to the world, maybe this year one of your prize offsping will make it into the county fair and bring us home the prized Blue Ribbon.
Enough about vegetation... look at my baby! She's 4 1/2 now and next fall she starts the 4 year old program at Little Lambs...even more shocking to us is our little Addison will be starting preschool as well. But this week is K's moving up day and Dan signed me up for you know this is what will be taking up my week. So much to do. Dan is getting her a corsage and I bought her a pretty little white dress, then usually there is a fair going around and we take her to that, hehehehe she thinks we brought it in for her special day, we'll let her think that afterall we already will her head with Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, what's her moving up fair gonna hurt.

Here's our little Addie sitting next to her sister, hard to believe they'll only be one year apart in school. That's good for us because they'll be close enough to rat each other out! haha