Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brrrrr it's cold in New York... in February

Disney...ah what can I say? I am no longer a Disney hater. They do such a smashing job at making everything magical and their customer service is incredible. As much as I hate to say it, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can say we had a successful vacation. No one was sick and a good time was had by all.
Here's the girls with Mickey who greeted us at the Orlando Airport.
There was a statue of Goofy steeping on gum which our little Addie actually
tried to taste, yep on her hands and knees licking fake gum stuck under someones foot.
I wish I had a picture of that!~
Here's Daddy and his girls sharing treats on the hammock. We stayed at Disney's Carribean resort which in my opinion is the one to stay at with kids this age.
The Beaches there where werethe girls loved to spend most of their time, and the pool, and Magic Kingdom, and....
Kendall never got over being frightened of all the characters but she did want to meet Ariel (who is smoking hot, look at her...where do they find these girls?)
Daddy waited over a 1/2 hour with Kendall, in the rain, just so our girl could meet her and Kendall glowed when she did. I think my favorite part was after when both the girls played with complete abandon in the rain in Ariel's grotto, the look on their faces was sheer bliss.
Funny thing is K has never watched the Little Mermaid and before this she didn't even know who Ariel was. Well she sure does now, she's her new best friend.
Addison, our little pirate, loved trying on all the hats and playing dress up.
She had no problem with any of the characters, gave 'em all hugs and kisses and hugs and kisses and...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its a small world after all...

Yesterday Maureen, Sandy and I went to the 1846 house to do a little shopping. We were pleasantly suprised when the great Denise Aumick showed up, (Check out her blog and see what that textile genius does sometime It was Lynne Ann birthday this week which inspired me to create, as I do for people I enjoy and the moment strikes. Well I was so inspired by her hair I decided to make her a doll. My first attempt at a fabric stuffed doll.
The body I used a linen calendar from the 70's and it kinda gave her some cool tatoo-ey thingy going on. I laughed and laughed as I made her. SOOOO much fun she was. I hope Lynne loves her as much as I loved making her, As I was stuffing the doll's arm with filling, which I was using a paint brush, the brush fell off its ferrule and is now forever stuck in her arm. Tooo funny but all part of the charm.
Tomorrow we leave for Disney. I guess its the traveling part that has me freaked. The baby gets ridicuously motion sick, I have to benedryl her to drive 10 minutes into town (Dr. prescribed) so a flight has me a bit anxious. I'm sure once we get there it will be nice. The weather looks like it is going to be pretty good and we're staying right at Disney so it shouldn't be too bad, oh yeah, beside the fact that K. gets insanely scared by anything in costume, I do hope she gets over that fear while down there. Wow, Disney...I know RELAX....R-E-L-A-X. My insides are a turning all about.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello...Its the Universe calling....

My Gosh what a busy and absolutely amazing week I have been having! After the Fairy Party I recieved an email saying our YMCA is looking for a Birthday Party Coordinator. All the while I was making things for the tea and fairy party I wished that this is what I could be doing for a living.

I found myself typing up my resume and printing out pictures and actually getting in the car to deliver it, which I did do.... but a funny thing happened on the way to the Y.

I figured on my way into town I would stop at the library to return the books I read at the party and to thank the librarian for recommending those books, Betsy was extremely helpful in helping me choose an age appropriate fairy story. She asked how the party went and I had her pull up the blog and from there I will be doing a fairy display at the Middletown Thrall library for the month of April, if you're in town please stop by and check it out. Whoo hoo, well it even gets better.

I then went downstairs to meet Monica, the head librarian, and discuss doing the summer reading program which includes reading a story and then leading in an activity. This years theme is be creative, uh Hello, could it be any more perfect for me? There is much work to do with this. I have to write up a proposal with all the details then I will submit it but Oh my Gosh, could you imagine, I can take the girls and everything.

I then contacted Vicki who is the Pine Bush Children's librarian and Altered Book Artist extraordinaire. I spoke to her about doing the same sort of thing at the P.B. library, well, needless to say I will be doing the preshool story hour at the library when I get back from vacation and possibly something with the summer reading program there and with the library's used book sale at the farmer's market every Saturday.

Yes... the Universe is calling and I am answering.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I BeLieVe in fAiRiEs

A strange thing happened one cold February day... 11 fairies came to my house to celebrate a magical birthday. Fairy Kendall was so loved by all the other fairies that they decided to have a grand celebration and I am so blessed to have been able to see it with my very own eyes, because as you know not everyone is able to see fairies.

Here is the special Kendall fairy who is so thrilled that all her fairy friends were able to celebrate her special day!!!!

The Party Table was as bright as a festive rainbow, with each place setting set with the upmost care. Noise makers, umbrella straws and carefully crafted party hats of the finest materials, each as individual as each of these dazzling fairies.

There were fairies who danced atop of the table

and the dinosaurs and ducks wore their best party clothes, and had tea and cakes of their very own,

even the elusive unicorn stopped by awhile to wish the fairies a happy how-do.

There was such an assortment of fairy cakes galore,

from marzipan mushrooms,


cookies and more.

The bubbles flew freely as each fairy chased

and little fairy Addison was delighted to be at this place

As Fairy Kristina drank all her punch,

Fairy Ashleigh was hungry so she picked out her lunch.

Fairy Courtney, Fairy Kailyn, Fairy Rei the littlest one,
all sat at the table and joined in the fun

Their bellies quite full as they sat on the floor, and waited awhile...

for fun, there was more.

A Beautiful swine showed up for the show,

dressed all in her finest, her cheeks were aglow.

A secret she carried, just waiting to share,

as each took a turn to swing in midair,

When the perfect swing was hit with such flourish and flair
she suddenly released what she was hiding in there.

Confetti and Glitter and Candies all fell ,

and all that was left was her empty shell.

And now it was time for the Queen to appear,

and the Fairies followed her to a place that was near.

Down cellar stairs their journey begun,

To a land of enchantment,

where they could jump, hide and run.

Two little fairies could not hide their glee

Fairy Katie rode a bike,

big bad wolves, there were 3.

As Fairy Lydia watched, she could not believe

What these little fairies had hid up their sleeves.

Fairy Rei shouted,

Fairy Courtney agreed,

And Fairy Juliana smiled

ever so slyly.

Then all the fairies sat again on the ground,

and formed a fairy circle that was perfectly round.

For all that was left were the gifts from the heart

that each fairy brought,that were thoughtfully smart.

Now fairies like glitter, art stuff and make-up

And sweet little piggies that fit in a cup.

But what they like best is to give back to others,

To give to the world, to sisters and brothers.

For not everyone out there is a fortunate as we,

And not everyone has seen the magic of a fairy.

I BeLieVe!!!!

We, the Filer Family, would like to Thank all the Fairies and their families for making our dreams come true and sharing in that special day full of magic. We will never forget the time we had.

the party favor basket

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Aftermath

No pictures yet on this post, just want to get my feelings down to capture the moment of the day.

Today was Kendall's 4th birthday party, it was a fairy theme and it was weeks in the making. I am tired, exhausted to be exact but happy. I found myself sitting in the ruins of the party feeling the way I felt as a child when I experienced the best of my life, a day I swore I would never forget but somehow can no longer remember. Yes it was truly one of my best days. I cant explain the joy I felt seeing each of those beautiful little girls dressed as fairy princesses, waiting to begin the party. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I never want to forget the joy these girls felt. For them, for me it was magic and real.

Tomorrow will be a new day, I hope to get some of those great pictures Tabitha took and post them with the narrative. But now I will go to my bed and fold 3 baskets of laundry I have neglected this week.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The arty tea pARTy

It Was a Fabulous Day With Fabulous Women!!!!

The arty tea pARTy, was a huge success. A great Big Hug and thank you to all who attended.

The food was good, the tea hot, the mimosas poured and through it all some of the greatest most heartfelt valentines made.

The day was filled with laughter, cheer and inspiration. It was a perfect christening for the studio and in 2 days it will happen again... Only these women will be replaced by 12 glorious 4 year old dressed as fairy princessses. It will be a scene between Tom Hanks "Big" and Tinklerbell. How awesome is that.

The menu included lemon crunchcake, cupcakes, mint brownies, cream puffs, assorted tea sandwiches, biscotti, apricot cookies, apple and pineapple cakes, chocolate chip cookies, sweet potato bread and seriously...who could forget Alicia's ridiculously good coconut macaroons. I am such a sucker for macaroons, I dont know what it is but I could eat mountains of them, alone, in the dark. It was all so yummy and delicious.

Here's Martha and Maureen hard at work. Maureen had quite the love affair playing with the beeswax. Its so warm and delicious
with the faint fragrance of sweet honey. mmmmm

Here's Lisa's Valentine to her daughter Jaime. She only came for the tea and ended up leaving with not 1 but 2 valentines and a valentine box.
NiceOne Lisa.

Alice was abit ambitious and made herself a valentines outfit. Her husband is a lucky man.

sweet sweet Sandy, Our first Lady of Shabby Chic.

She never fails to impress, She comes from a long line of amazing crafters. You really should see her house, its through and through a doll's house, so fitting for her.

Alicia had a great time and made a great card
she also made those killer macaroons...hail to my Queen

And here's our own Altered Princess Vicki, how works magic with all things paper. She has such a gift in making things look old and well loved.

Andrea worked on her book, I cant wait to see it when she's done. Andrea says she's a gardener, if her gardening is anything like her out it will have to be a must stop for me this summer. Perhaps she'll invite me to stay awhile and paint her garden. Lovely.

Nina here, in her best Superhero pose. Love that shirt, Girl. She's another must stop and paint garden on my list. Incredible! She grows all her own herbs and makes delicious herbal soaps. She is the Goddess who inpired the Arty tea pARTy.

And our Generous Lynne Ann. She gave each guest a 1/2 dozen eggs from her chickens and a bar of her wonderful Goat Soap. If your ever around the Walker Valley area, her shop is a have to stop. 1846 House. The best ever soy candles and come see all the artists she has there. Awesome Awesome Awesome

Awwww... the Mother and Daughter Duo. It was nice, there was 3 generations of crafty girls here. Not pictured here is 4 year Faith, she was keeping 2 year old Addison busy.

Yes all in all, I had a great couple of weeks preparing and it was all worth it. And I had a ball hosting. Now I have to go and make the cookies for Saturday. Ah my work here is not done.