Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I BeLieVe in fAiRiEs

A strange thing happened one cold February day... 11 fairies came to my house to celebrate a magical birthday. Fairy Kendall was so loved by all the other fairies that they decided to have a grand celebration and I am so blessed to have been able to see it with my very own eyes, because as you know not everyone is able to see fairies.

Here is the special Kendall fairy who is so thrilled that all her fairy friends were able to celebrate her special day!!!!

The Party Table was as bright as a festive rainbow, with each place setting set with the upmost care. Noise makers, umbrella straws and carefully crafted party hats of the finest materials, each as individual as each of these dazzling fairies.

There were fairies who danced atop of the table

and the dinosaurs and ducks wore their best party clothes, and had tea and cakes of their very own,

even the elusive unicorn stopped by awhile to wish the fairies a happy how-do.

There was such an assortment of fairy cakes galore,

from marzipan mushrooms,


cookies and more.

The bubbles flew freely as each fairy chased

and little fairy Addison was delighted to be at this place

As Fairy Kristina drank all her punch,

Fairy Ashleigh was hungry so she picked out her lunch.

Fairy Courtney, Fairy Kailyn, Fairy Rei the littlest one,
all sat at the table and joined in the fun

Their bellies quite full as they sat on the floor, and waited awhile...

for fun, there was more.

A Beautiful swine showed up for the show,

dressed all in her finest, her cheeks were aglow.

A secret she carried, just waiting to share,

as each took a turn to swing in midair,

When the perfect swing was hit with such flourish and flair
she suddenly released what she was hiding in there.

Confetti and Glitter and Candies all fell ,

and all that was left was her empty shell.

And now it was time for the Queen to appear,

and the Fairies followed her to a place that was near.

Down cellar stairs their journey begun,

To a land of enchantment,

where they could jump, hide and run.

Two little fairies could not hide their glee

Fairy Katie rode a bike,

big bad wolves, there were 3.

As Fairy Lydia watched, she could not believe

What these little fairies had hid up their sleeves.

Fairy Rei shouted,

Fairy Courtney agreed,

And Fairy Juliana smiled

ever so slyly.

Then all the fairies sat again on the ground,

and formed a fairy circle that was perfectly round.

For all that was left were the gifts from the heart

that each fairy brought,that were thoughtfully smart.

Now fairies like glitter, art stuff and make-up

And sweet little piggies that fit in a cup.

But what they like best is to give back to others,

To give to the world, to sisters and brothers.

For not everyone out there is a fortunate as we,

And not everyone has seen the magic of a fairy.

I BeLieVe!!!!

We, the Filer Family, would like to Thank all the Fairies and their families for making our dreams come true and sharing in that special day full of magic. We will never forget the time we had.

the party favor basket


hula-la said...

Wow, I, too believe in fairies! And I wish I was there to play dress up...Sure looks like you've created some wonderful memories. Not only for your little ones, but for all of your very lucky guests!
Love the pictures, the poetry and your very creative blogging ability!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

I DO, I DO! I do belive in fairies!!! And, you have a house full to prove it!!!

Your personal fairy is beyond beautiful!! And, your new rebuilt home, so lovely.

I was just stunned at your story... Stunned.

I am so glad you found me so I could find you back!!

You are a doll, and I love your spirit!!

ps: That furniture in the background in your photos, with all the drawers, might make me faint!!


Dawn said...

Wow! a party to remember for ever. Love the way the party unfolded with words and pictures - beautiful

Found you because of your comment on Fanciful Twist. So glad I visited THANK YOU, you made me smile on a very grey morning here in England xxx

I hope you are very happy in your new home and that all your wishes come true xx

MHFiler said...

OMG what a wonderful suprise to wake up and find 2 new friends. My heart is soaring right now. Thank you for the incredibly kind words. If you're ever in NY come stay with us!!!!

Carrrie Jacobson said...

Hey, fairy mom! I've flitted and flown through all your pix of pixies...what fun! Such a nice blog. xoxo