Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello...Its the Universe calling....

My Gosh what a busy and absolutely amazing week I have been having! After the Fairy Party I recieved an email saying our YMCA is looking for a Birthday Party Coordinator. All the while I was making things for the tea and fairy party I wished that this is what I could be doing for a living.

I found myself typing up my resume and printing out pictures and actually getting in the car to deliver it, which I did do.... but a funny thing happened on the way to the Y.

I figured on my way into town I would stop at the library to return the books I read at the party and to thank the librarian for recommending those books, Betsy was extremely helpful in helping me choose an age appropriate fairy story. She asked how the party went and I had her pull up the blog and from there I will be doing a fairy display at the Middletown Thrall library for the month of April, if you're in town please stop by and check it out. Whoo hoo, well it even gets better.

I then went downstairs to meet Monica, the head librarian, and discuss doing the summer reading program which includes reading a story and then leading in an activity. This years theme is be creative, uh Hello, could it be any more perfect for me? There is much work to do with this. I have to write up a proposal with all the details then I will submit it but Oh my Gosh, could you imagine, I can take the girls and everything.

I then contacted Vicki who is the Pine Bush Children's librarian and Altered Book Artist extraordinaire. I spoke to her about doing the same sort of thing at the P.B. library, well, needless to say I will be doing the preshool story hour at the library when I get back from vacation and possibly something with the summer reading program there and with the library's used book sale at the farmer's market every Saturday.

Yes... the Universe is calling and I am answering.


hula-la said...

And we just can't wait to have "The Reading Fairy" join us at the library! Your "creative" energy is contagious!

Tinker said...

I followed your comment from Miss Vanessa's - and just wanted to say how amazing is your story here! That you rebuilt, and are going greener and greater... Your studio is gorgeous - and that fairy party is fabulous! (My grandgirls would have been in 7th heaven there!)
I love when the Universe calls...hearing and answering that, is one of the best feelings of all.
p.s. Welcome to the blogworld!

Denise Aumick said...

I christen you Fairy Star. Wear it with pride.
Did you do that collage at the top of this post? Tres cool there, Ms Michelle.