Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Aftermath

No pictures yet on this post, just want to get my feelings down to capture the moment of the day.

Today was Kendall's 4th birthday party, it was a fairy theme and it was weeks in the making. I am tired, exhausted to be exact but happy. I found myself sitting in the ruins of the party feeling the way I felt as a child when I experienced the best of my life, a day I swore I would never forget but somehow can no longer remember. Yes it was truly one of my best days. I cant explain the joy I felt seeing each of those beautiful little girls dressed as fairy princesses, waiting to begin the party. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I never want to forget the joy these girls felt. For them, for me it was magic and real.

Tomorrow will be a new day, I hope to get some of those great pictures Tabitha took and post them with the narrative. But now I will go to my bed and fold 3 baskets of laundry I have neglected this week.

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Carrrie Jacobson said...

Hey, you! I TOTALLY FORGOT that you'd started a blog! I hope you can forgive me. It's really wonderful! I love your writing, and your pictures, how your voice and your emotions come through, wow. How cool to see pix of your studio, too. Looks like the tea pARTy was lots of fun. Wish I'd been there. xoxoxoxo and congratulations. Keep it up!