Thursday, February 5, 2009

The arty tea pARTy

It Was a Fabulous Day With Fabulous Women!!!!

The arty tea pARTy, was a huge success. A great Big Hug and thank you to all who attended.

The food was good, the tea hot, the mimosas poured and through it all some of the greatest most heartfelt valentines made.

The day was filled with laughter, cheer and inspiration. It was a perfect christening for the studio and in 2 days it will happen again... Only these women will be replaced by 12 glorious 4 year old dressed as fairy princessses. It will be a scene between Tom Hanks "Big" and Tinklerbell. How awesome is that.

The menu included lemon crunchcake, cupcakes, mint brownies, cream puffs, assorted tea sandwiches, biscotti, apricot cookies, apple and pineapple cakes, chocolate chip cookies, sweet potato bread and seriously...who could forget Alicia's ridiculously good coconut macaroons. I am such a sucker for macaroons, I dont know what it is but I could eat mountains of them, alone, in the dark. It was all so yummy and delicious.

Here's Martha and Maureen hard at work. Maureen had quite the love affair playing with the beeswax. Its so warm and delicious
with the faint fragrance of sweet honey. mmmmm

Here's Lisa's Valentine to her daughter Jaime. She only came for the tea and ended up leaving with not 1 but 2 valentines and a valentine box.
NiceOne Lisa.

Alice was abit ambitious and made herself a valentines outfit. Her husband is a lucky man.

sweet sweet Sandy, Our first Lady of Shabby Chic.

She never fails to impress, She comes from a long line of amazing crafters. You really should see her house, its through and through a doll's house, so fitting for her.

Alicia had a great time and made a great card
she also made those killer macaroons...hail to my Queen

And here's our own Altered Princess Vicki, how works magic with all things paper. She has such a gift in making things look old and well loved.

Andrea worked on her book, I cant wait to see it when she's done. Andrea says she's a gardener, if her gardening is anything like her out it will have to be a must stop for me this summer. Perhaps she'll invite me to stay awhile and paint her garden. Lovely.

Nina here, in her best Superhero pose. Love that shirt, Girl. She's another must stop and paint garden on my list. Incredible! She grows all her own herbs and makes delicious herbal soaps. She is the Goddess who inpired the Arty tea pARTy.

And our Generous Lynne Ann. She gave each guest a 1/2 dozen eggs from her chickens and a bar of her wonderful Goat Soap. If your ever around the Walker Valley area, her shop is a have to stop. 1846 House. The best ever soy candles and come see all the artists she has there. Awesome Awesome Awesome

Awwww... the Mother and Daughter Duo. It was nice, there was 3 generations of crafty girls here. Not pictured here is 4 year Faith, she was keeping 2 year old Addison busy.

Yes all in all, I had a great couple of weeks preparing and it was all worth it. And I had a ball hosting. Now I have to go and make the cookies for Saturday. Ah my work here is not done.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a wonderful day!!! You inspire me and you make me smile...Thank you for such a lovely time.
From Vicki who is outofhand:)

MHFiler said...

Thanks Vicki, it was a great day because you all were there to make it great. We will create again soon-Michelle

Denise Aumick said...

Oh baby! I wish I could have been there but, since I haven't yet won the lottery, it's not to be. Any chance for a Saturday Tea?