Saturday, February 27, 2010

WiNteR WoNdeRlaNd

The girls are still asleep after an amazing snow storm. Snowflakes as big as cotton balls slowly making it down to cover the world. I relish the quiet of this morning, the gentle hiss as another log burns in the fireplace, the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee.

The sun is coming up over the through the trees on the east side of the property. The sky is the most delicate wash of blueberries and cream, with the faintest blush. This has always been one of my favorite views, one of hope and for a fresh beginnning, a new day. As I step outside to take a picture I hear birds singing, letting me know they survived the harsh beauty of nature.

Ahhhh...still quiet. They're gift to me this morning. As I type I hear little footsteps upstairs, and there is the second set. My day has begun.

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hula-la said...

I too have enjoyed the beauty of the snowfall. Peaceful walks through the woods catching snowflakes on your tongue...then WHAM...branch falls down and hits you in the head... Oh, the joys of winter!