Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Studio

Please be patient as I still learn the ins and outs of blogging and using pictures.
Well here is my new studio that we had built in the house. All for me and the girls too. A special place where we can create and make messes and glue and glitter like we girls love to do.
Alex, our builder suprised me with the 12" pine plank floor, he knew that was my dream floor. I wanted it throughout the house, but hubbie and Al said no its too soft so we put oak throughout, no carpet.
The sink is an vintage find pulled out of an old farmhouse here in NY. (Another great garage sale find), Luckily I showed it to Al while they were still framing because Al needed to put reinforcments in the frame to hold up the sink. The cabinet above was in the trash and was painted polyester pants lavender, so I repainted it.
The studio is still a work in progress. I know it will take years to get it to where I want it to be but its got great bones and right now there are other things we need, but I am so lucky to have a space that is mine. I am so lucky for everything in my life.

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