Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lucretia's Good Fortune

Meet Lucretia Nina's Crow. I made her for Nina with Happy Herbs Soap. She almost didn't get her, you know how I am with my Art BUT I did make Lucretia especially for her
so it just wouldn't seem right to keep her myself. Here she is in her new home at 2 Crows Cottage. She seems very happy there.
So What's up with the Good Fortune? We'll it wasn't really my Good Fortune as it was my Daughters' Good Fortune. As we were going to grop off Lucretia, Nina's neighbor was throwing out a whole bunch of toys, a play vanity and kitchen and a bunch of toys perfect for the sand box. Needless to say the girls are outside as I type, playing and setting up their playhouse. Thanks universe and Nina's neighbor!!!!!!


hula-la said...

I met Lucretia today. You are too much! And you are a great inspiration to your inner circle, which fortunately includes MOI!
Thank you for that!

MHFiler said...

Thanks Vicki, I think we inspire each other, because whatever you all are feeling I am feeling too! I am so happy, so Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece of art. I love it when good things pop out of nowhere. It must be karma.

MHFiler said...

thanks Javajune, and thanks for checking me out