Friday, March 20, 2009

MeEt MisS piCkLeZ

Okay, so do you remember the post of daughter KeNdaLL's Fairy birthday? Well it just so happened to be the birthday of MiSS PicKleZ, the storytime Fairy. I did not know it then but I was soon to become quite the local literacy phenomenon in our area thanks to the help of Pine Bushes famous children's librarian Vicki and all the girls at Middletown Thrall.
So here I am in Pine Bush Children's library just before storytime, picking out the book of the day. And the picture below is Miss Picklez working on the frog craft after reading the story "Finklehopper Frog." Addie insisted her frog have 3 eyes, evolution , she's a genius what can I say? (a gherkin right out of my own jar!)I am really enjoying storytime, my girls love it too!!!! That makes me happy that I can give it to them. I'm sure soon enough they wont be caught dead with me dressed like that, until then there will be many more public outings throughout Orange County and then some.

My father gave me the gift of never taking myself seriously and to always be able to laugh at myself, THAT truly is the greatest gift I have ever received and I hope to give it to my daughters that as well.


hula-la said...

Miss Picklez takes Pine Bush by storm...We are sooooo, very happy and soooo, very lucky! Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!!

LynnAnne said...

Can you still hear me laughing? I'm doing it again!!!!

Denise Aumick said...

You are a rock star! I love this and the whole Miss Picklez deal. OMG...I'm still laughing.