Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adventures in Face Painting

Ahhh Adventures in face painting. So along with being Miss Pickles the Storytale Fairy, I have decided to add the Face Painting to my repetoire. The theatrical make up is bought and I almost...almost, bought the professional carrying case. It was quite , way , insanely expensive for what it was and there was no way I would be able to explain that purchase to the man so I improvised. I bought an old hard body suitcase at the thrift store and here is the result. I love it and I think I should do some more. I seen in a magazine how they turned one of these into a traveling kit for crafting supplies, something that might come in handy when I take the girls to the park this summer.

Here are my first attempts at face painting. Here's my little kitty, she looked in the mirror in awe and said "I'm a real cat" then pretended she was for hours,

ROAR!!!!!!!!!! This big lion is mid pounce. Its amazing how much fun we had face painting at night. Each girl would get their face painted twice before bed.
And here's the seal, She really enjoyed playing this character, especially at dinnertime when we had to pretend we where throwing her fish as she would do seal-like tricks on her chair. What did we have for dinner? Fish Sticks of course!


hula-la said...

Meeooow! Wow, you are awesome! The girls look great! And I think I need to see that case up close and personal! Beautiful! I am very excited about all of your new ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

hula-la said...

Good Luck and have fun, fun, fun tomorrow. It will be a great day in the neighborhood! Thank you for the continued support of a great community! We are lucky to have you in it!

Denise Aumick said...

The case is to die for and the kids look great!