Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sloatsburg show coming up

Here is the painting I am doing for the Sloatsburg Show in May with the Group of Nine. Each month we are painting a different town and showing in that towns Library, we give a percentage to the library from each sale. So far we have done Highland Falls which was a smashing success.
I think I am at a crossroads with my art right now. Although I love to paint en plein aire, and do these impressionistic works, I find myself wondering if it is really realistic to expect to dedicate so much time and materials into it. I paint for my soul and for relaxation but the pressure to produce and sell is getting to me. I have never found myself to do so well in a competitive athmosphere and the stress really gets to me, but that is in any aspect. My hubby says I'm an over achiever, is that such a bad thing? I like to do well at anything I try but its not life or death to excel. I think everyone tries to do their best when that do things.
Anyway... I am aiming for a drama free week. And for those of you who dont know I have added the task of repainting all of Pine Bushes windows this week for the Walk of Hope. People are taking down their aliens to be replaced with purple butterflies, each one carrying the name of someone who has been affected by cancer. If anyone would like to donate one in memory please contact me, the cost is $5 per butterfly, all goes to the American Cancer society.


hula-la said...

Wow! What a beautiful painting! You truly create from your heart and it shows in all of your work!
The town will be beautiful on Paint the Town Purple Day to kick off Relay for Life! Thank you for your community involvement, and I hope we can walk together at the Relay!

Denise Aumick said...

This is beautiful, Michelle. You have a gift...just follow the path it lays out before you and don't try to figure it out. Easy advice, very difficult to follow. Someone once said to me that I needed to figure what I wanted as a goal for my art/creative pursuits and then pursue it. Years later I've yet to answer the 'what is my goal' question. At times I've changed it to a 'what is my point?' question.

Carrrie Jacobson said...

Hey, gal - A beautiful painting, for sure. My guess is that the questions never go away. Maybe they get answered, in the moment, but I suspect that the answers change as you change. xo