Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation week. Hooray for teachers, not all teachers , but most teachers. Wait a second....Mother's get a day, teacher's and secretery's get a whole freakin' week? AHHH, whatever. I 'm over it.

Anyway, after finding a great tutorial from craft magazine to make this yoyo brooch, I made a few to give to the Kendall's teachers, whom by the way I LOVE. Thank you Miss Diane, Miss Jo and Miss Kelly, you all are awesome and I thank you , thank you, thank you for all that you do.
It takes a lot to be a teacher, someone really special, so for all the teacher's out there, I appreciate you!

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hula-la said...

Well aren't you special! Always thinking of everyone around you! You are sweet. Happy Mother's Day, (ok, let's make it a week)to you!